B K Prafulchandra Shah

Retired Professor & Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, D. D. Institute of Technology, Nadiad, Gujarat, India.

Educational Qualification : M. Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Associated with Brahmakumaris since 1974.

Field of Interest : Spiritual Science, Yoga & Meditation, Psychology & Parapsychology, Holistic Health.

Good knowledge of Alternative Systems of Medicines and experienced Therapist especially in Meditation therapy, Psychotherapy, Yogasan & Pranayam therapy, Acupressure, Electrotherapy, Polarity Experience, Diet & Water Therapy.

Written several articles which have been published in diff. news papers, periodicals & magazines.

Given several talk show programs on Radios & TV Chanels like ETv Gujarati, Peace of Mind of Brahmakumaries, GTPL Bhakti, GTPL News.

Experience of conducting & coordinating lectures, camps & courses like:

  • Short – term course on
    • Stress Free Living # Anger Free Life
    • Mind Power Development # Emotional Intelligence
    • Project Positive Change # Personality Development
    • Human Re-engineering # Art of Learning
    • Art Of Living Happy & Healthy Family Life
  • Workshop on
    • Ego Management
    • Goal Setting
    • Key to Success
    • Memory Improvement
    • Thought Management
    • Positive Mind Management
  • Talk on
    • Moral Values In Engineering Profession
    • Value Education & Values In Education
    • True Spiritual Perception – Call of Time/Need of the Day
    • Relationship Management and Conflict Resolution